The much needed vacation

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In just a few hours I will be here! Here is The Cleopatra Luxury Collection Hotel in Sharm el Sheik!!! How lucky am I??? Since this has been the most stressful week I’ve had in a while, I haven’t even had time to pack my suitcase yet, but there still time… As long as I have my bikini and some sunscreen I’m good  right..?

This vacation is going to be a slow an lazy one. Tanning, eating and sleeping. All my favourite things, escaping my least favourite; that damn snow!


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I’ve got that summertime sadness






After sliding across cold and icy sidewalks today, I miss summer more than ever. I need some sun- and beach-therapy asap!

Pretty please?




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My week on instagram






I’m just loving instagram! Follow me at mariatinsta.


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The vamp-shoe

I can not express my gratitude when it comes to the fact that Zara now has shoes in my size! I had been looking for the perfect pointy-tipped pair of pumps for ages until these shoes called my name from the world called cyberspace. Their the perfect addition to my shoe-wardrobe, and the beige ancle-strap is heaven-sent to a petite girl like me – us shorties don’t want no black straps shortening our legs!

Speaking of my wardrobe… I really need to get one because right now, everything I own is currently residing on my bedroom-floor. You see, my mom have been cleaning out stuff that we don’t need or have to replace, and some (me) may say she might have gone a bit overboard. Which leaves me sans closet. Hahaha, luckily she is getting me a new and bigger one, so I will survive!

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That feeling


Ah, you know that feeling you get when that one item that got away comes back in stock? When you’re dying to shop because you spent last moths paycheck a bit to early (on clothes of course), and you’ve been broke for a couple of weeks? And deep inside you know it’s going to happen again because there’s so many pretty things out there? Hmmm, maybe that iphone 5-purchase will have to wait another month….

Oh, how I love clothing.



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Shine bright like a diamond

Might not always feel like one, but you can still try.

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Stars suited up



How amazing did Kat Graham and Taylor Swift look at the VMA’s??? I definitely have to invest in a suit this fall! I love Ms. Swift’s white one, but that’s probably not a good idea considering this wonderful norwegian weather. The last few days we have been caught in the “leftovers” (if you can call it that) of a tropical hurricane. Here I thought everything tropical was hot. It’s not. So my warm, new scarf from Acne and my sturdy old rain-boots have been my go-to wardrobe choices the last week. Not very intresting to put pictures of on the blog, so that’s why I’ve been M.I.A lately. I always loose my umpf when fall comes knocking, but I’m determined to win it back. Stay tuned!

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How to rock the cowboy-trend






Everything from Zara.

It’s clear that one of this falls hottest looks is the cowboy-trend. For some it may feel a bit theatrical to wear this many cowboy-inspired items in one outfit, but I think it’s fun! I’m not the biggest fan of rules when it comes to fashion anyway… Go hard or go home!

I spy with my little eye that these cowboy-boots  from Zara will be a blogger-favorite this up-coming season so you better get on it! I know I will.

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After a stressful week of coaching and a visit from the regional-manager, this store-manager is stuck to the couch. BUT to make this day a bit more exiting I booked a fall-weekend in Copenhagen! I can’t wait to shop, eat and have fun with my good friend, Therese who just moved down there for school. I have to admit that two seconds after it was booked, I googled both Hermès and Louboutin in Copehagen… They have both! Soooo, in additon to fantastic exclusiveness and the world of Topshop, that means I’m a happy camper.

What are your plans this fall? Any exiting trips or shopping-ventures?

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Carine, Karl and the little black Chanel-jacket

My fashion-tip of the day is this amazing coffee-table-book by Karl Lagerfeld and Carine Roitfeld. It features models and celebrities dressed up in the classic little black jacket from Chanel. The pictures and styling is very inspiring, plus it’s a super cute accessory for your home! You can pre-order it here, before the release-date 25/8.

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